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Have you ever been disappointed with a service provider in Longview, Texas? Chances are that you didn’t get what was advertised or the service wasn’t as good as they claimed to be. We live in a society where businesses are willing to sacrifice the integrity of their services just to make a buck. Not at Rose Electric. We stand by our services because we value the integrity of the services we provide. Our services are built on a solid knowledge and understanding of the industry. We understand the needs of our customers and this is why we have chosen to provide some of the most useful services possible.

No matter how difficult the job might be we can handle it. We work hard to ensure our customer receives services from an electrician with the proven skills to successfully handle our customer’s needs. When the quality of the services you receive from a service provider is important to you, make sure you choose wisely. The service that receives a great deal of business in your area is usually a good choice of service providers. Go with the preferred service provider, you can’t go wrong! Take the time to find out what our electricians can do for you and why they are the best for the job by contacting our helpful and respectful associates today. Here are just some of the many services we have to offer to you at Rose Electric:

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Recent Reviews

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  • I finally used a service that offered me my money’s worth, Rose Electric! Thank you for being so professional and offering a fair price. I don’t have a lot of time so I appreciate them getting the work done in one day. Robin S 04/02/2018
  • The electrician from Rose Electric came in and knew exactly what to do. He was able to calm me down because I thought the problem was much worse than it actually was. I’m glad I called Rose Electric when I did. Stan C 04/09/2018
  • I really appreciated the level of professionalism displayed by the electrician who served us. We had to call him late at night but he didn’t seem to mind. We’ll definitely call Rose Electric again in the future if we need an electrician. Sandy B 04/16/2018
  • Working with Rose Electric from day one was stress free! He was very professional and polite throughout all my questions! He made sure to be on time and get the job done perfectly! I recommend him for any job! Kellie Jones 07/17/2018
  • Aapy Electricals experience 10 yes India Kuwait UEA 919152127917 call number Mohammad Jahangir Alam 08/14/2018